Don't Panic!

Something weird can happen to parents when you get a phone. Maybe they start looking over your shoulder as you message friends. Perhaps they friend you on social media. Maybe they even start monitoring your phone, reading your messages and checking your pictures.

Does it feel like they’re invading your privacy?

Meet Jiminy

Jiminy uses some clever tech to give your parents the information they really need, while hiding the stuff they really don’t.

What Jiminy doesn’t do (ever)

Your parents don’t see the detail, and neither do we:
Jiminy doesn’t send them your messages
Jiminy doesn’t show them your photos
Jiminy doesn’t send them links to sites you’ve been looking at ever…

What Jiminy does do

Jiminy looks for patterns in your online activity, rather than the details, so it can protect you and keep your parents in the loop without invading your privacy. Every week it sends a handful of updates that could be about:

  • Your favorite groups, contacts and friends
  • Your favorite games and apps
  • How you use your phone and how that compares with other kids your age
  • Your favorite emoji of the week

Jiminy also protects you and alerts your parents if it spots danger (if, for example, you’re approached by an adult stranger online, or if you find yourself in a toxic social situation), so they can help.

What’s in it for you?

Why would you want to put Jiminy on your phone? Well…

Enough with the questions

“Who are you talking to?” “What do you look at all day?” “Have you spent all day on that game?” Jiminy gives them just enough so they don’t need to ask the dull stuff.

More privacy
It’s your parents’ job to keep you safe. In the past, maybe they felt the only way to do that was to check your phone. Now they don’t have to. Jiminy’s not about invading your privacy. By giving your parents a little insight, you keep a lot more of what’s yours, yours.

Your phone stays with you
Your parents will want to keep getting Jiminy’s insights – and they can’t do that if they take the phone from you.

Get your phone sooner
Jiminy reassures parents. So if you’re still waiting for your first phone, there’s more chance you’ll get it.

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