How much does Jiminy cost?

You can try Jiminy for free, right now. After your free 30-day trial, you'll switch to one of our billing plans. Just Install the app and you can choose the best plan for you. Jiminy costs a little, for a whole lot of good stuff. We believe that matters, because if you’re not paying for a product, then you are the product - and we couldn’t create a service for parents and kids that treated you like that.

By charging just a little, we can work only for you.

Is my kids’ data safe?

Yes. Completely. Your kids’ data is encrypted and secured with military-grade tech to make sure it never leaks. We use the data ONLY to protect your children, and will never sell it to ANYONE. It’s just you, your kids and the clever tech that opens the door on their lives enough for you to see inside – but in a way that respects their privacy too.

How does Jiminy spot things?

Jiminy uses cutting edge machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision algorithms to look for patterns and anomalies. It does this by looking at the data which surrounds your kid’s online activity. When Jiminy spots patterns that add up to something it thinks you might want to know about it, it notifies you. For example, we count how many messages are exchanged a day, with whom, and in what directionality, and use changes to this pattern to spot things like fights, crushes, or bullying.

Does Jiminy block adult content?

We don't block anything, and there are plenty of reasons for that:

1. We believe in teaching children to govern themselves. We want kids to build self control and a sense of what’s right. These are muscles that need to be trained, and that doesn’t happen when an app blocks things for you. Trust us, it's worth it in the long run.

2. We believe in dialogue. Situations when a child shows interest in adult content, for example, are a great opportunity for parents to initiate an important talk about the birds and bees, healthy sexuality, and positive body image.

Does Jiminy restrict phone usage time?

No. We think that using external limitations doesn’t teach kids how to use technology in a healthy way. We want children to learn how to set limitations. We will, however, provide stats on your kid’s usage and give you some context, like how they compare with their friends or peers.

How do I talk to my child about Jiminy?

We wrote a page that’s dedicated to kids, and explains to them what Jiminy does and why it’s actually a good idea. Feel free to take a look and share it with them.

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