Hi, We're Jiminy.

We Wanted to Give Our Kids a Phone Without Putting a Screen Between Us.

We wanted to sleep well at night without wondering what’s hiding in their texts. We wanted a tool to help us understand how to grow healthy kids in this crazy digital world.

We wanted it to spot things like loneliness, cyberbullying or toxic phone usage, but also to tell us what game they’ve been having fun with lately, or who their favorite YouTuber was last week.

We believe that each problem is actually an opportunity, for parents and kids, to talk and learn.

Jiminy is an app that helps parents learn more about their children’s lives, with alerts, fun facts, a weekly report, so you can be aware of the good and the bad. We do that by combining expertise in clinical psychology, education, and advanced machine learning and big data.

When children get their first phone, parents feel in the dark.

We’re here to help parents regain a view of their children’s lives that is currently blocked by screens. We use data to build smart tools that illuminate blindspots and enhance parenting.

We’re an Israeli startup, based in Tel Aviv, with a team of brilliant developers, data scientists, designers and storytellers. And yes, even though we’re a startup, we always keep the conversation going with our kids.

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